This is an orc mini bust made in the past days. The orc is 3,8 cm.
  • Max "Amon" RichieroPLUS

    Molto bello!!! :)

  • Yohan_LeducPLUS

    Very nice!

  • Oliver "HonourGuard" SpäthPLUS

    Great sculpt! Gold from me. For the painting it may would be more interesting to have some extra details beside the face and skin..but just an idea. Congrats! =)

    • Carmine GiuglianoPLUS

      Thank you very much, Oliver. In my intention I wanted to make an “academic” bust to be used to have fun with changes. This is why the face is detailed and the body no. I would like to made a WarHammer 40.000 orc, a barbarian one, ecc.