Winter is cold,
all that remains is frozen in time.

Winter is silent,
all the noise is quiet.

Winter is frozen,
everything is in stare.

Time too.

In private collection.

Thanks to those of you who support me in my work, art and passion!

The tank is by Heer46 and is not an existing tank, rather more a scifi tank of what might have been built after 1946 by the Nazis. Luckily they did not win the war. For all of us. Scale is 1:100.

Keep on happy painting!
- Roman
  • Yannick Degiovanni

    You also do small size ! :oD
    Nice idea, I like a lot the frozen effect. I keep the idea for a next 1:100 project :o)

    • Roman Lappat, "jarhead"PLUS

      Thank you, Yannick. Yes i enjoy to different things once in a while. Keeps me sane ;D

  • Marko Miladinović

    Insane! Your every work is full of character and storytelling. Love it! :)