Queen of the Jungle (Boxart)
Queen of the Jungle (Boxart)
Queen of the Jungle (Boxart)
Hi folks
Here's my second collaboration with this project by Hector Moran and the fantastic guys of http://www.little-rogue.com.
And i really loved to paint her!
i will let you just some quick words: in terms of tecnique i will write a pdf guide on her for the bakers of the kickstarter, but in the meantime some little reflections.
There is a big study in this figure both on colors theory and about epression of brushstrokes:
In this figure there is a strong dicotomy between the silky beauty of the queen and the feral panter... in a lust jungle mood.
I try to achieve working on strong contrast; not just a contrast of light and shadows: but contrast between the figure and the figures in the ambient.
The queen should be smooth and "tender" and his dominant color is a sunny bronzed orangy kind of skin... like a Vallejo illustration of the 80ies
The panter should be expressive, violent and dark, so the brushstrokes became evident and violent too. And is dominant color is the blue...
That is... Yes, the complementary of the orange.

Everything is setted in a greeny background... also if seems more greysh brown the wole scene ha s a lot of dominant green color, you don see it too much cause the super green leaves lower the effect of the other green..
and... the rest of the .pdf :D
hope you like!
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