Here i am,
this is really something special for me for different reason.
First of all is another step of collaboration with my brother of blood and soul Michael Kontraros, one of the best artist, but more one of the best person in the world of modeling... and maybe overall.
Second, and mostly in this case is one of the most difficult thing i have ever paint.
The real point is that this figure is became the iconic figure of 2016, and a big part of this icon is the outstanding painting of my friend Kyriakos Simos.
I respect him a lot, and i consider the work he made on that piece an absolute masterpiece: How i could made my version in front of a so amazing painting?
I didn't wanted in anyway to made a kind of challenge with the original piece, it is so far from my attitude, what i really wanted is to try to make MY atonement but let clearly visible my respect on the original figure.
In all the figure i try to "quote" my friend Kiriakos and at the same time be myself.

Thank you Michael Kontraros to give me your fantastic son, this piece if obviously for you my friend...

But I dedicate it with all my respect and friendship to Kyriakos Simos. Thank you to inspire me, thank you to give us this incredible fantastic piece of art.