• Martin Vermeulen (Nighthawk)

    Another wonderful scene brought to life! Beautiful!

  • Jose_A_Alfonso

    Awesome work Pit!, this scene is amazing, realistic, very well done, congrats!

  • pit-rehmkePLUS

    Hello Jose,
    Thank you! Thank you especially for the kind words and recognition

  • pit-rehmkePLUS

    hello Martin
    Thank you, I’m glad the work you like.

  • Yannick Degiovanni

    I love this Pegaso miniature. And you have created a great realistic scene, playing well with the movement of the cowboy.

  • pit-rehmkePLUS

    Hello Jannick,
    Thanks for the evaluation and the good opinion on the construction of the scene!
    I was glad to get this recognition.

  • Francesco Thau


  • pit-rehmkePLUS

    Hello Francesco,
    Many Thanks!

  • Luc "Windtalker" VanpouckePLUS

    Great scene and painting, an other great piece in your collection!!!

  • pit-rehmkePLUS

    Hello Luc,
    Thank you for the good words, it has pleased me to get such a praise!