Drummer Boy, 77th East Middlesex 1808
Drummer Boy, 77th East Middlesex 1808
This is one of the last miniatures I am painting for Fer Miniatures. It is part of a reediton line of the classics of Elite Miniatures.

As I said for the Celtic Warrior, it is a great pleasure being able to paint this wonderful sculpture done by my friend Raul G. Latorre. I tried to paint it similar as what he did. Next miniature I will try to give more personal touch than this one that, even it is technically correct, does not have special or personal interpretation.

I am getting used to historical miniatures and I don't know yet how to mix it with my "fantasy style". I need to find my own way, and I am sure I will.

Also, even there are the official pictures from FER MINIATURES, I wanted to take my own ones to bring it to you as exactly as it is possible to real model.

Hope that you like it,