The last of the big Pelicans
The last of the big Pelicans
The last of the big Pelicans
The last of the big Pelicans
The last of the big Pelicans
The big Pelicans are close to extinction. This old male is the last of the big Pelicans you can visit him by ordering your tickets and journey on boat on the left fillet by this bald buy in front of the ticket booking store... enjoy your trip and make sure you don't scare the big one...

"Psychic spies from China
Try to steal your mind elation
Little girls from Sweden
Dream of silver screen quotations
And if you want these kind of dreams
It's Californication.

It's the edge of the world
And all of western civilization
The sun may rise in the east
At least it settles in a final location
It's understood that Hollywood
Sells Californication.

Pay your surgeon very well
To break the signs of aging
Celebrity skin is this your chin
Or is it war your waging.

First born unicorn
Hard core, soft porn
Dream of Californication
Dream of Cailfornication"


Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Californication Lyrics

I am not sure if anybody understands what i wanted to say with this little scene, even i have to try hard to figure it out. Would be really intrested on what you think about it?

It's one of my older pieces, but still one of my personal favourites from my work.
Whatever, it was a hell of a fun working with these tiny people from Preiser's Railroad Equipment. They are really, really small. I did self sculpt this little boat to have them seated while looking at the last of the big Pelicans.

The project was sold to a private collector.
Thank you for your support in my craft, work, art
  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Lol you are a true VISIONARY roman!! Not just a top tier artist in the miniature painting craft ,but a MAGNIFICENT STORYTELLER!!!

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Thanks a lot, John. Yes, storytelling is sth important for me in miniature Art.

  • Neil Szabo AKA "Zab"

    Great, now i’m wearing my tea -_-  With all the gold you are getting I’m sending you my dry cleaning bill. Thanks for the laugh!

  • Matt DiPietroPLUS

    This piece was inspiring to me when I first saw it… I still really like the sense of wonder and creativity.

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Thank you Matt, thank you for your Kind words about this pelican.

  • Jonathan Hart


  • Karsten -Elaphus- Poepping

    Great work !!!

  • Christoph Blumenthal

    This wonderful piece of yours shows that miniature painting can be more than variations of war inspired scenes. Reminds me of fairy tale stories and Doré

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Thank you Christoph - for your kind words!

  • Josua LaiPLUS

    For me this piece is one of the moste beautiful you have ever done (since now). I really like the storytelling of this one. It takes me far far away into the dreamland of creativity and little wonders ;-) LOVE IT!!

  • Marius "Der Stone "Stein

    I love this one so much! It is a love for years now. :D