What I present today is perhaps my most personal work of the last few years.

"This ambiguous power of the black hole fascinates me deeply: it is an object outside our comprehension. A singularity, a point of such concentrated mass that not even light can escape from it, devours everything that comes too close ... but at the same time "moves" with its gravitational pull the entire galaxy; this primeval matter, responsible for stars that clash and even creates new stars, new worlds and perhaps (or definitely) new life. It's a creator and destroyer, steals the stars and at the same time gives them “a soul”. It is love and death: Eros and Thanatos ... "

Full explanation of the piece here: https://www.facebook.com/frank.pensa/media_set?set=a.1069777653060615.1073741847.100000851707356&type=3&uploaded=8

Hope you like.

  • Jero Miniatures

    Absolut GOLD!Awesome! I spent almost half an hour staring at this piece on the cabinet at last MSS. It really stunned me.
    It is one of my all time favs for sure! Congrats Francesco!
    Cheers from Barcelona! And Happy Painting!

  • Jerome "Claijee" Allmang

    Stunning! awesome painting! gold

  • Michel

    AMAZING! Gold!

  • Roman "Light_one" Gruba

    Thats Amazing Francesco!!! Just WOW!!!

  • Oliver Posvek (Colouristo)

    A great piece!

  • Erich_Strasser

    Fascinating and also perfect painted, only gold is possible

  • Jason ZhouPLUS

    This is a fantastic work! Read the long explanation on this from your Facebook and the motivation and story behind this great work is really impressive!

  • Anton Pryakhin "Seemann"

    Wow! Fantastic.

  • Sebastian SchubertPLUS

    such a cool great idea
    the frame and 3D work, really awesome

  • matthieu "mattgwb" favresse

    Just wow is a perfect reaction, I think. (gold but it’s a detail)

  • Olivier Bouchet

    From a miniature to a work of art… I love it !

  • TimPLUS

    Beautiful piece. Gold for sure

  • Francesco "Franciuus" FarabiPLUS

    i really thank you all for your kind words… for me this piece means a lot, and this kind of feedback really make me honored… thank you!

  • Marko Miladinović

    Awesome piece Farabi. Stunning. :)

  • François-Xavier "Fx" HUET

    Very poetic !


  • Matteo Murelli "Mù"

    Oo ecco questo mi piace

  • Jens Riber PoulsenPLUS

    Really really interesting piece Francesco.