The Scale Model Handbook - Diorama Modelling 1

Here we go again with a little review of the latest edition of the Scale Model Handbook published by Mr Black Publications. This time we have the honor to present you the beginning of a new rage of books: Diorama Modelling

The Scale Model Handbook – Diorma Modellng 1 features big step by step tutorials by Antonio Fernandez (Piqui), Jesus Gamarra,Javier Gonzalez (Arsies), Theodoros Kelesidis, Noel Petroni, Sergey Popovichenko, Costas Rodopoulos, Kazufumi Tomori, Alex Varela (Iguazzu), Dave Youngquist.

In this issue Mr. Black Publication added a new topic to their range of books: dioramas. In nine huge and fascinating articles you will find a lot of different topics and the solutions to varoius difficulties met by the artists. If you want to start building dioramas, this range is a must-have!

Diorama Modelling 1_1

Bailén, July 1808 - 54mm - by Jésus Gamarra
Back to the Front - 120mm - by Dave Youngquist
US M3 Stuart “Honey” - 50mm - by Noel Petroni
Die Ostfront 1945 - 120mm - by Kazufumi Tomori

Conquistadors - 75mm - by Sergeji Popovichenko
“The Cannon” - 50mm - by Javier Gonzalez (Arsies)
Kings of the Road - 54mm - by Antonio Fernandez (Piqui) & Alex Varela (Iguazzu)
Making Pine Trees - 50/54mm - by Costas Rodopoulos
Near Moskow, December 1941 - 50/54mm - by Theodoros Kelesidis

Bailen, July 1808
Back to the Front
US M3 Stuart
Die Ostfront 1945
Kings of the Road
Making Pine Trees
Near Moscow, December 1941

As always you can get the book from your favourite hobby shop or directly from Mr Black Publications.