Arbeit macht frei - for remember
Arbeit macht frei - for remember
Arbeit macht frei - for remember
Arbeit macht frei - for remember
Sculpture of Alessandro Bruni in 60mm scale and painted by me.

We realize that is a piece of strong emotional impact. Remember bad things, there have been those who have suffered and those who have caused. Bringing great suffering to all. Now I will not go into in the Political because this is not the Place. Here we Look, the Idea, the Execution, the Pictorial Interpretation. What needs to convey Emotions that are not Always of Joy or Laughter. I used capital letters to emphasize. All the rest I leave to your minds. Thanks to all for your comments and your support! Best Regards Mirko

    A real work of art, Mirko

  • Hendryk " Jimmy " Schröder

    One of the most touching vignettes of recent years! We Germans do always hard with our recent history, I think you’ve found a way this forcefully, but without representation moralizing!
    Thanks for that!

  • Florian "Tuffskull" Weinheimer

    I know, that some people didn’t like it because of the theme. I really like it a lot. I know, what you want to tell! thx for showing!

  • Matt CexwishPLUS

    So much more interesting and important then “Another Space Marine”... I like it, a lot! Personally for me, very emotional and -although slightly plain and straight forward- veeery well done from a technical point of view… Visited Oswiecim / Auschwitz not so long ago and had a very similar experience when I saw the barbed wire… It was hard to imagine that there is something like Spring in a hell that a KZ really was… Love the Motif of Freedom metaphorically put there in the shape of a Robin bird (as these Birds sing beautifully!)... In comnination with the nature of a Miniature (that allows to build scenes or parts only partionally…) it gives the Viewer so many points, stories, clues and well placed detail to think about further… One could shout out: “Stupid Man, why don´t you simply walk around the barbed wire?” and realize that it would be similarly pointless to do so to a real Prisoner… Sad and very rare in our beautiful Hobby / Passion…

    Thanks! Looking forward for your next project, man! ;)

  • Matt CexwishPLUS

    Miniature. Art.

    This first…:) Now the rest…

  • Jim Jackson

    A very stirring piece

  • davidhernanz

    Fantastico trabajo !!

  • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

    if this is not gold is than people has no sensitiveness. i adore thios piece. THIS IS ART

  • toni_nieto

    Mirko the great. I can feel the sadness and the hope…

  • Sławomir Borysowski - "Sławol"

    I remember this work from CMON. One of the best in our hobby ever. Truly art.
    Very touching story. I have no more words…

    Great job!

    Best regards!