Updating my profile with some projects that I haven´t upload yet.

Diorama representing a group of White Scars charging agains a Group of Sons of Horus.

It placed at 3rd place taking a bronze demon at Golden Demon 2016 (the classic one).
  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Your the King of Gaw fluff dioramas. From the maelstrom to this charge scene. You sir are among my favorites ! Gold

  • Jay Martin (Redrum)PLUS

    Love this scene, congrats on the Demon too!

  • Pablo López - paloji

    @Jason Thanks dude! It´s a shame that I don´t have good pictures of the wip :(

    @John Thanks a lot for your comments. Dioramas are what I like the most to make, I´m very happy and proud with comments like yours. Thanks a lot!