SBS in FPM #42

Long ago he was a little lion like other kids in his kingdom; with only one distinction. He was a prince. Aside from this, he was normal young lion, full of energy and joy, playing with his toys in hallways of his palace. Being the only and beloved child of his father meant he was going to be a sultan one day.

But after some carefree and happy years of living, disaster knocked on their door. A mysterious army had reached their borders of the desert kingdom, bringing death and destruction alongside it. This was an army of shadows and skeletons led by the white lion, the necromancer. Without any mercy these warriors obeying dark enchantment paved the way to the capital, leaving a blood trail in their wake. On the day of the final battle, when there was no place to retreat, the sultan gathered the last warriors he had and led them to a final battle. A battle without any hope for victory.
In the same time his wife and a little lion, protected by two guards, followed a secret path that left the palace. Their path lay through the desert to the lands of the Tuareg where they can feel themselves safe at least for a while
After this day, years had passed. And now a horse with a lone rider galloped through the sands, carrying the one who was a successor of a throne long ago. He was on the way home. Home that he had lost long ago. To kingdom ruled by a white lion. A kingdom he was going to return to its residents. He is a Prince of the desert.