1/10th scale bust by Pegaso
  • Nick Mulligan

    Love this one, mate. Brilliant painting!

    • Tony Dawe

      Cheers Nick, yeah I love this one too.

  • Michael VolquartsPLUS

    nice painting tony…....

    • Tony Dawe

      Thanks Michael, its one of my favourite pieces and as best as I could make it, 100% historically accurate.

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"


    • Tony Dawe

      Thank you Nakatan

  • JamieStokes

    Having seen this at the Melbourne 2016 Expo,  this has got me motivated to move to oils over acrylics.

    • Tony Dawe

      Thanks Jamie, this remains my favourite bust of all time simply because of the lengths I went to get the moko correct.  Oils over acrylics is the way I paint and it suits my style.  It’s not for everyone, but I’d definitely recommend you give it a try.

  • Fausto "AbyssoulFP" Palumbo

    Really good!

    • Tony Dawe

      Thanks Fausto

  • Jeff Burns "Tinman"

    Lovely piece! Welcome to P&P

    • Tony Dawe

      Thanks Jeff, I’ve always been fascinated by what happens on this forum but was never invited in.  It’s great to see such a diverse range of subjects and artists at work.