I converted sorcerer I did for my renegade chapter the Iron corpses. It's made from space marine legs, helltalon pilot head, forgeworkd polux shoulder pad and backpack, forgeworld sons of horus torso and chaos space marine arms. The rest is made from green stuff. It is also a little taller than a usual space marine because I have made him truescale.
  • John_Engstrand

    Hey, I can see that you have made everything into one picture. That dont work on putty and paint. You need to put different photos of the views you want too show. Then you upload them together, but as separate photos. Missing the backside and the freehand there :)

  • Jens Riber Poulsen

    Wonderfull blendings and freehand. A bit heavy on the scaring imo :)

  • Andreas "An0kar"

    Thanks Jens. :)