Hello :) The figure completed yesterday morning, but forces on the photograph was not, because I hasten to share creations now :) Miniature - Mysterious Emissary Malifaux. Painted specially commissioned - Wyrd Games, 32mm (actually 70mm), plastic.
  • Dirk Risser

    I like it !

  • Andreu "Morglum Minis"PLUS

    Really good work on this textures. well done!

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Unbelievable skillset bud!!! You ROCK ... Gold medal I vote!!!

    • Alessandro

      Thank you my dear friend!

  • Sebastian "Donnerknall"PLUS

    Really cool. Gold

  • Daeniel

    Really cool! May I ask how did you achieve this incredible colour? I would like to paint my Emissary with a similar feeling

    • Alessandro

      Hello my friend. I actively used on this figure green colors from Valejo and no less actively used black, seraphic sepia and purple shades from Citadel. At the very end of the work, I covered the entire surface with an ultra matt varnish from AK. Good luck!

  • Daeniel

    Wow the result is amazing! So you used green and then mostly shades to give it this awesome “poisonous” effect? Will let you know how that turns out for me!