George Washington
This is a bust I sculpted as a master for a kit available from The Artist Preservation Group a few years back. I also painted this example as well. Washington remains one of my favorite historical figures and this was a lot of fun to make. In addition, profits from the sales of kits by The Artist Preservation Group go to help preserve and support our nation's historical artifacts, landmarks and history.

    Hi Matt, good to see you posting here!  Oddly enough, I’m painting this very bust right now.  Great job on the sculpt!


    • Matt Springer

      Thanks, Jason. I just saw your paint job. Outstanding! Its cool to see my work painted by others. Very rewarding and your in particular was enjoyable to see. I hope to see it at a show soon. :)

  • Tony Dawe

    Lovely sculpt and paint.  I had the pleasure of painting this bust last year.

    • Matt Springer

      Thanks, Tony. Glad you got to paint one.

  • Jose_A_Alfonso

    Nice work!

  • eric wolfsPLUS

    Great painting. Gold