“2B” from Nier Automata
“2B” from Nier Automata
“2B” from Nier Automata
“2B” from Nier Automata
Hi everyone!

Today I'm proud to present to you my first 75mm! I wanted to try this scale from a long time ago, but haven't find time and motivation for a full project, mistake repair! :D

Few details... This character come from a video game released few days ago: Nier Automata. Actually, she's an android (that's explain the neutral face) named 2B
The girl was sculpted in a mix Beesputty/Fimo. Large blade was made of milliput and the same mix, but the katana has been "sculpted" in brass (in the following links, you'll be able to see step by step of it).
Finally, rocks are just sculpey firm baked then brake, sand, cut.

Actually, I don't know what next with this project (paint, sell, cast?) so if you are interested in buy it for your personal collection or release it, please to contact me!

If you could just encline by buying a cast if I make some, please to follow my facebook page (I'll let know people over there) or simply leave a comment and I'll answer you when I know more, this way you'll be notify ;)

Many step by steps here! (video, photos, tips......): https://www.facebook.com/Graphigaut-G-Giroud-194802227236881/

Hope you enjoy it!