Nyr the dwarf
Nyr the dwarf
Nyr the dwarf
Nyr the dwarf

Nyr the dwarf from Nocturna models, beautiful series-The quest

Hope you like it!
  • Laurent Exposito Mas

    This blade is unbelievable !!

  • Ivan Lesnichenko "DEMOH"

    Well done! Gold, for me

  • Ricardo Pisa

    Damn It’s really cool! Your NMM are bloody spot on!

  • Robert Karlsson

    Really gino2dope poppe…Bronze?

    • Roman "Light_one" Gruba

      Don’t worry he giving bronzes to everybody, me, Marko,  Aleksandra and I think it’s not all people from a bronze list

    • Riccardo "RA" AgostiniPLUS

      It happens, i got even props on my vampire lady :)
      Votes are not really that important, we can all see the real quality of projects even if the votes don’t match it (one way or the other).

  • Shane Rozzell

    Gorgeous. Love it!

  • Roman "Light_one" Gruba

    Cool work, gold from me :-)

  • Paolo-Di-Poce

    deserves nice medal for sure, maybe i’d like a little little bit work on beard. Metal is superb

  • Max Faleij

    Loving the color composition and the skintone is really nice, gold of course!

    • Robert Karlsson

      Thank you very much Max, tack kompis!=)

  • Marco Ruano Miniature Painter

    Grande, muy buen trabajo, oro alto.

  • matthieu favresse

    Intense! Well done my friend.

  • Kristian Simonsen

    Nice job here, the blade is very strong!

  • Theren "Canny" Williams

    Wonderful work. I hope to get started on mine soon. I love the sword particularly. Outstanding :)