My version of the Nemo bust from Privateer Press. It was fortunate enough to win gold in its category at Gencon 2017 and a recognition of Artistry pin.

Even though I enjoyed the original bust I wanted mine to be a bit different. I removed the head, repositioned it, and sculpted a collar and some hair. I removed the electrical coils from pieces of his shoulder armor and repositioned them to give a better view of his face. I wanted one side to feel cold, as if illuminated by the electricity often present in cygnar forces, while the other side is illuminated with the warm colors of explosions and battle.
  • Casey Hastings

    Very lovely.
    I love the resculpt really makes it a solid piece. And the paintwork speaks for its self well done!

  • Leonardo "LeoPelo" Archini

    Beautiful two-side color change! Gold, i like it