An older project, but still quite important to me.

I used a limited palette as chosen by masking off a small section of the gamut wheel, there are many resources available on the net if anyone is interesting in trying it. I wanted to try it because of James Gurney's book "Color and Light".

And while looking back I can see my contrast still needed some work, I learned a lot about how colours could be forced to change by differing the colours around them in hue, saturation, volume of area and tone.

Best example on this miniature is the severed hands, they are painted with lime green and purple.
  • Kara Nash

    Oh and all the bones are green.

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    I dig you here. The book of James Gourney is amazing and I really enjoy your outcome on this one. It feels like Jungle at night, everywhere. Really good!