• Jens Riber Poulsen

    Would be nice with some more pictures. Really like the cap and the light effects on the runes, the gun and the powerfist. Also, could be really awesome to put it on a proper plinth.

    • Pablo Iglesias López "Tempes"

      Thank you very much, I put this figure to get to the 4 projects. Now I’m messing with a diorama about afghanistan, ending Roboute Guilliman and I’ll get a Lozza soon, but just a minute I’ll take better photos and upload them.

  • WinterlandPLUS

    El maestro de los lobos ;)

  • Luis (Skull)

    Me gusta mucho la textura de la capa.

    • Pablo Iglesias López "Tempes"

      Gracias tio, es de un tutorial de Eureka! Miniatures : Space Marine: Primaris Captain in Black Armour