a result of a two day private coaching I was teaching about atmosphere as a main topic with several subtopics like textures, metals, basing, osl. Manuel was gifted with a great wife and she made this coaching a birthday gift to him. We had tons of fun, but I need to explain the outcome a bit :D

Manuel decided to paint that Black Sun 32 mm Barbarian with mohawk and I spontanously decided to paint another one from the same range. I planned to put him in a battle-torn forest chopping off his foes heads. Yeah, great. Manuel reminded me that we are doing a private coaching during halloween and we decided to create a double impact project with some sculpted pumpkins and minor conversions. Just for the fun of it! You can use the models in single or put them together :) - I painted the one with helmet for explanation purposes during the coaching.

Happy Halloween!

Thanks for two really cool days, Manuel. Like I said you are a very talented painter and I am happy that you support and trust me in my teaching curriculums.

Happy Painting!