Great historical bust sculpted by Pedro Fernandez

I really like original story for this figure about a french female agent, so I've decided to paint a bust

based on this story.

Female faces sculpted by Pedro Fernandez is always something amazing, really a joy to paint.

Lots of thanks for the help to amazing Pepa Saavedra!

Hope you like it!
  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Really nice version of this beautiful bust!

  • pit rehmke

    Fantastic this skin color with the soft transitions of light in the shadows.
    I really like this work!

    • Roman "Light_one" Gruba

      Thank you for your kind words my friend! For me smooth work not a most common way of painting
      but it’s good to make some projects like this time to time and to paint femal faces smooth!

  • Michał Odolczyk


  • JP_Dana_mAdj

    Sober, nice, and great :)

    Save tonight ;)

  • Werner Kellens

    Very clean, amazing!