Valis - the sea elf
Valis - the sea elf
Valis - the sea elf
Valis likes to be besides the sea, to gaze upon the green water, to feel the wind in her hair and to listen to the thunder of the waves...this is her life, a little fantasy.

This was my first attempt at creating artificial water. It failed partly, since the water was yellow instead of clear. I mixed in blue color so it is at least some kind of green.

Feel free to comment and give me feedback.

kind regards
  • Steffen K.

    Like her a lot. especially the cape and her eyer are stunning me! Keep on going like that man!

  • Meg Maples

    Where is that mini from? I like it a lot and haven’t seen it before.

    • Daniel GütlPLUS

      sorry havent seen your comment earlier. its from Anima Tactics, if you search for Valis + anima tacics you will find her!