hi to all, this is one of my last works, Alcibiades the centaur. He is the rage, the fury, the statelines of the mythos, born when the humans were full of fear, united in little communities engaged in the fight to survive in a world full of misteries without any explanation. The centaurs were a simbols of war, power and hunt, for me the most wild creature created in this ancient age. Alcibiades, not by chance, means strength, violence and for my imagination, is the projection of my idea of this forgotten times. Alcibiades is tall 12 cm and with the optional helmet reach 16 cm. Alcibiades is sculpted with magic sculpt and the handle of the spear is made in copper. This model is aviable on Kickstarter!
  • schiraga

    Complimenti, Questo e un lavoro straordinario.

  • FearGFX

    He looks very cool and i enjoyed the little story you wrote for him :)

    • ManuelCaterini

      Thank you! Yes, the story is funny and really much personal….i try to do this for all my models but not ever i try to write something like this time. Thank you every much! ;)

  • Mariano del Olmo

    Well done and original piece Manuel! Best, Mariano