Comission work.

Mixed Media: puppethouse piano, cat sculpted by Robert Blaha aka muhani, scratchbuild, destruction.

This is a comission I just finished in time to see it delivered for Christmas. To a husband who loves playing the piano and also a cat lover. If the cat loves the piano sound is in question, at least in this diorama. It is really interesting to create more and more projects for clients that do not know anything about miniature art. They got fresh and great ideas and it is great fun to work on these! More to come soon!
Happy to recieve more comissions like this. I mean a fire-breathing piano, wtf?

Keep on happy painting!
Yours Roman

Thanks for having a look and happy painting to you!

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  • Steve Haydon (Forté)

    Such an imagination.

  • Nicolas_wang

    Nice concept and structure!But I feel you finished it in a hurry…:)

  • Riccardo_Wino_Corno

    Love it!

  • ronald CornéPLUS

    Gold for the composisiog

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    You are the mentor of mentors- the GODFATHER OF MINIATURE STORYTELLING-a humble holder of many international painting awards-a world renown artist- king of all the apes in the jungle- you are RO-man and you simply are a gift from god to all who know you-
    With love from John and Janet - your simply the best !!

  • Antonio Peña Miniatures

    I love it and it reminds me of Coco (Disney Pixar movie). The cat looks like an alebrije lol. Congrats!

  • pit-rehmke

    Very imaginative work!
    I like her.

  • Francesco Thau