My first project uploaded to Putty and Paint, with the quality here posting my first item is a daunting prospect.

I painted this miniature as a gift, another first. I stole it from my father, who used to paint a lot, and painted it up for his birthday.

I had fun with the colours and some different types of NMM than I'm used to.

Any feedback, criticism or comments are appreciated.
  • Trent "BigDeno" Denison

    Hi mate, welcome to P&P.  Generally you won’t get a lot of feedback via this site, it is usually more for display purposes.  Having said that, the model is very nicely painted, clean and smooth transitions with some nice textures.  The next step up for you is harmonising the colours, adding more depth and making the details smaller and more refined.

    • oddian

      Thanks Trent, thanks for that much appreciated.  See you at Cancon.