After all this time? Always
After all this time? Always
After all this time? Always
My wife is a big Harry Potter fan, so when I saw this sculpt by Pablo Ronda I knew I had to paint it for her, and that’s how I painted my first ever bust!

I used dark colors with subtle highlights (may be too subtle) in the robes to give the face more focus, and tried a slightly dramatic shadow in the face to reflect the duality of the character: hero and villain, left brighter and right darker side. Finally, with Pablo’s help, we prepared a nice box to store and showcase the model.

Overall I’m quite proud of this first bust paint, although I’m aware of how much I can still improve. But she loves it! So I consider it a success.
  • Mike Hoekstra

    This is absolutely brilliant.  My bride is also a huge Potter fan and something like this would fit nicely on her shelf of Potter books, Lego sets, wands, and all things Harry Potter.

    • Hugo Teso

      Thanks Mike! Glad that you like it. I know the feeling, she just got a showcase for all the Potter stuff :) I would recommend to asking Pablo Ronda as he has plenty of Potter items your bride may love.

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"

    hah, gold)