This scratch built diorama sculpted by Dario Biancheri (Grimforge) and painted by me was our joined project for the Monte San Savino Show, awarded a bronze medal in the master open category.

My interpretation of this unique piece was to depict an allegoric battle of the night versus the day.

I painted the female demon as a representation of the cosmos: a dark and wonderful place, full of stars, dark matter, primordial energy and the unknown. The fractured orb is the energy of the universe coming out to destroy everything and taking the form of the demon.

The stairs and the imps represent the earth and their little and helpless creatures. They are linked to the cosmos but they can be destroyed by it at any moment.

Pointlessly struggling against the devouring cosmos it's the blue sky with the sun represented by the mage and the freehand i made on his robe. They are trying to shed light to the world, dissipating the darkness and the stars, defending the life against the energy of the darkness.

This project was very hard to conceptualize and to achieve. I took a lot of time to think on how i would paint it and after deciding it was even harder to make (at one point it even melted under my hands!). I hope you like it, it was a struggle to make but also a joy to see it finally completed.