"GoGo Marlene at work." The first experience of making diorams (although strictly speaking it is a vignette). Marlene is a journalist in the world of Infiniti the game, and her drone is a walking pile of equipment for audio and video recording.

Figures are removable, on magnets. Almost all objects are handmade (except for figures and the bottle near the garbage can).
Mesh is woven by hand from 0.2mm wire. The cell's step is 1.5mm (5 hours of labor for this particular one, and before it there were two more grids for learning and experiments with diameter of wire). Сan from soda and the neon sign are made of greenstuff, the building and the sidewalk are foamed pvc. The signs and the poster are printed on the printer, flashlights and graffiti are freelands.

For all it took about 75 hours of shock work (60-65 hours base and about 10 hours of the figures themselves). The time spent on generate ideas are not counted.