"Shygo usually kept his beek shut about the necessities of war. Tonight, however, Shygo more than insinuated that just maybe Berg had gone too far..."

A beautiful model by Trovarion, released by Mr. Lee's Minis. This is the official box art, I am happy to report. A joy to paint. I had a lot of thoughts on what to do with it, and I kinda liked the idea of this viking-esque half orc with his pet exotic bird, befriended in some far away lands, being both a best friend and an annoying bad conscience.

Painted in Scale 75 and Vallejo, and I swear I have not fiddled with the colours. The glow from the fire is from Day-glo pigments. Kinda hurts my eyes, when I pop the lid on that bottle of magic powder. I loved it, so maybe added a bit much, but gets the message across. Also, I repainted the helmet more than a few times, and ended with this NMM style dark metal helmet.

I hope you like it, and do encourage you to pick up this beautiful bust. The details are just exquisite and the cast is crisp. Lots of little details hard to catch with my brush.

It is found here: https://www.mrleesminis.com/product-page/berg I am .new to putty and paint, but look me up on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pinklabelstudio