Hi all!

Here my version of Catrina, bust done by RN Estudio.

I changed it in Marin, because she reminded me of this character from Nintendo's game "The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening". The kind girl from Mabe Village who helps the poor Link at the very beginning of his adventure... But this is another story xD
This resemblance opened my mind and gave me a difficult decision to take: what kind of style should I use?
Because of the cartoonish/videogamemish sudject, I wanted some different result from my usual. So, after a few day of meditation, I came up with a decision to try #fucksmoothness approach.
I didn't study it or never try on a large bust like this, so it was a total leap into the void. In this respect, I am not sure that the piece was a success, but one think was clear: I had a lot of fun and my total attention was dedicated to colors choise, construction of the atmosphere, playing with brushstrokes and not focusing on blendings.
The background was a wanted tribute to that videogame that I love soo much! But I know it has a lot of imperfection. I'm totaly not good in drawings :D

So, let me know if it's a success or not, if you like her or not, If in your opinion I should abandon this approach and turn back to my original "path". Every critiques are welcome ;)