My latest project of Napoleon as First Consul by Atelier Market and sculpted by Antonio Zapatero and Stefano Cossu.
This is based on the painting by Antoine-Jean Gros. The tablecloth, documents and quill pens are scratch. The brass vase is made using Historex parts and putty.
  • Cormin

    Very nice painting job. I like your precise work .  Gold :)

  • NateZhangPLUS

    nice job

  • Eduardo Garcia Lope

    Great work, you have taken the most from this figure, to make it better. Very fine red and gold tones.


    Really nice, Rod!  You nailed the dark blue on that cloth!  I spotted this figure for sale on one of the vendor tables (maybe red lancers?) at World Expo.  When I came back later to buy it, it was gone.  Maybe this is the one??  LOL.  I love what you’ve done with it and the setting you’ve provided.


    • Rod CurtisPLUS

      Thanks Jason!! The figure had been around for a couple of years, so that’s probably the one. Very nice sculpt.