Cormac the Druid. From Black Crow Miniatures. Sculptured by the amazing Lucas Pina Penichet.

I really love this little bust. Very small in size, but incredibly detailed. I must admit I am not sure about what to think about the final paint job. My attempt was to do paint it like the artwork, and go very very desaturated, using only Scale 75. It was painted almost entirely in black and white (using the scale 75 black and white set), but in the end I used some colour to add some life. I wanted to recreate the feeling of the illustration, as I felt it was a fun project to do.Sort of a illustration to sculpt to paint and back to illustration, full-circle kinda thing.

In the end it was much harder than anticipated to keep it alive, and it ended up taking quite some time to finish actually. Well, onto more colourful projects now. I am growing fonder of it, but very difficult to take good fotos of. I think maybe this closes the sole scale 75 matte desaturated chapter for me, and my feeling is that next paintjobs will be very different. But I could be wrong... We will see. But for this it got much harder than necessary, as several of the contrasts usually used were not, so felt a bit handicapped with the limited toolbox, and missed saturation, glossiness and colour contrasts I usually use. In the end it looks a bit flat on the shelf,

Highly recommended bust. Do drop me a comment on whether or not you like the feel of the model, I would be interested to hear your opinion on it.