I remember the first time I saw the boxart for this sculpt by Lan Studio and it absolutely blew my mind. I wanted to pay homage to that piece a little, as well as add my own spin on things. I am working on my non metallic metals a lot at the moment. Probably one of my better attempts so far.
  • Daniel (mill0r) Lunau

    Love the skin and armor.

  • pit-rehmkePLUS

    Hello Trent,
    In fact, it is difficult to paint no-metal, too, I have had my attempts here. But not with as good a result as with your work.
    I really like your interpretation of the painting.

  • Jakob VillienPLUS

    Probably my favorite version, and I usually dislike the bright colours. But it really works. Man you are a productive painter!

  • Herman aka Glitterwolf

    Looks great!