The Longhunter
The Longhunter
The Longhunter
Flat resin figure

The idea for the Flat came from a friend living in Missouri who when asked what to call him suggested the following :-
Of course I have an idea what he should be called; "The Longhunter."
Daniel Boone was one.
These men would go to Kentucky and hunt for over a year and if they didn't get killed, would return home with packhorses loaded with deer, elk, and bear hides.
Daniel was gone once for about two years. When he returned home, he found that his wife had had a baby girl. When he did the math he realized he wasn't the father. Rebecca, his wife confessed the father was Daniels brother. Daniel forgave her since "she kept it in the family." Years later, after Rebecca was dead, it was that baby girl who took care of Daniel in the last few years of his life.

What a great story and needless to say I went with that suggestion.
Thanks Booner