This was an interesting project for me. It started off with just one model, Kvarto from Judgement. I then felt like he needed someone controlling him, or maybe fighting against him, and so picked up a Necromancer. I imagined them in a graveyard type place, but that evolved more as I kept having ideas.

However, the final piece of the puzzle was a piece of inspiration from David Colwell, who created a diorama using the jumping assassin. I felt like she would be a perfect foil to fight against Kvarto.

I pushed myself a lot on this piece and overall I think I am happy, but every time I look at it I see things I would improve if I was to start again.
  • Daniel (mill0r) LunauPLUS


    I wondered what would be the last model you will add and if it won’t be too much. But this definetly is a perfect fit.

    Great Scene!


  • Carlo

    i already saw this on instagram, it s an amazing work! can’t wait to see the final version with the last piece of the puzzle