This was my first figure from the Smart Max range, it was painted in oils over acrylics. Besides the iron fence everything on this graveyard was done from scratch.

  • Martin "Kellerkind" Hille

    Aaaahhhh, what a great pleasure, to see it again. Thanks for showing :-)
    I think, the best vignette, you ever made!!!

  • D@nny _

    One of your best…Nicole

  • Jim Jackson

    how totally creepy and cool!!

    • Nicole Eppinger-Siepmann

      Thanks Jim, I’m proud that you like this little scene.
      But I have to say “wow” to your whole gallery, absolutely impressive!

    • Jim Jackson

      Thanks Nicole ... I really appreciate the kind words about my work ... I’ve posted sort of my “greatest hits” from the past two years to get my gallery going. Now, I’ll just start posting new stuff.

  • Carlos'FigureArt'Startin

    WOW ! What a great piece ! Superb atmosphere, love the colours used ..