Hey all, been slowly working on this massive project for some time now. Seriously the size of this thing is quite massive and I've never painted something this large before. I made this project because a wise friend of mine told me that I should continue to always try and push myself way further than I think I am capable of going.

I can be honest here and say that while this project has turned out pretty decent it's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. There are anatomical issues with the arms and the armour is a bit off and miss-shaped in places. But for someone who hasn't really sculpted or scratch built anything like this before I can honestly say that I have learned so much more than I would have ever expected during this process.

I would do many things quite differently if I was to start again from scratch now but in many ways boy oh boy am I glad this is over with and I can move onwards and hopefully upwards (cause I realise this is really not all that special it has its problems) to the next thing.

Also, while this is inspired by a 40k Ork Megaboss it's not meant to be a 40k Ork Megaboss just a loosely inspired kind of sci-fi Orc clanker because obviously, the Hera style Orc head is not in the Games Workshop 40k style.

I really hope you like it :)