So I had a cool story for this guy, but there is a character limit in here :s

Conversion I did for the anonimous 2 contest, held by the always inspiring Banshee

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  • JesusCasas

    Story fits in here:

    It was the 32517th day of his captivity. One more day since his demise. Standing in an empty barren plain, the last lights of day faded in the horizon.

    A mile away, a huge army prepared for battle. Lines of infants, heavy armoured knights, archers and arbalesters, big artillery weapons. Getting ready to confront what seemed to be a single man supported by six robed priests. Getting ready to confront sure death.

    The Lord nodded. This was sign enough. The priests started stripping him from his silk clothing. They peeled off the few remainders of dead dry skin. Oiled and perfumed the rotten flesh underneath. Covered it in fine leathers. Then they donned the armour. That large piece of weathered scratched metal. The six servants were needed to hold its weight. A weight which would have crushed the biggest of man. The Lord found himself wondering once more if he was still a man.

  • JesusCasas

    ‘My Lord is ready, Milord’ one of the priests whispered. He glanced the empty surroundings. Then he closed his eyes and inhaled deep. He smelled the stench of death around. He heard the creaking of his dry lungs filling up. He felt the tingling on the tips of his fingers. A wave of pure power shook his body as his feet separated from the ground. His muscles bloated with crackling magic, while all his being trembled. High on power, his senses numbed. He could not recognize his own voice when he gave the order to rise. He could not see the hordes of death surging from the dirt. He could not hear the cries of the lamented souls tied to his command.

    He opened his eyes on ecstasy, feeling almighty, feeling inmortal, feeling eternal.

    It was the 32517th day of his captivity. One more day since his demise. The more dead he was, the more alive he felt.