This is my interpretation of Bob Ross bust with base. I tried to keep the base more painterly to emulate Bob's style and separate it from the bust. This is a wonderful sculpt and an enjoyable piece to paint. I used oil paints and followed along with one of Bob's episodes to create the small 4"x4" canvas to go with it. I painted it with Stynylrez primer, Badger Patriot and Sotar airbrushes, Scale75 paints, and Artis Opus brushes.
  • Jakob VillienPLUS

    Brilliant! But why not use only oils?

    • Mike Hoekstra

      Thank you for the vote and compliment.  Truthfully I didn’t use all oils because of time and acrylics are faster to work with.  Furthermore being slightly red-green colorblind would have been miserable to mix colors every time where I have a system for acrylics.

  • BranPLUS

    I love this kind of achievement. There is humor and it changes eternal warriors.