My Dogma48 project: something about stolen art, night watch, cats and things which happen only in St.Peterburg.

My goal for Dogma project was to build a small diorama with a lot of details and Easter eggs.
First I was inspired with the story of the stolen painting Ai-Petri of Arkhip Kuindzhi from Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow: on January 27, 2019 (on the artist’s birthday) the man just took it from the wall and gone away, nobody understood nothing and security raised the alarm just two hours after the robbery.

What about I move the story to St.Petersburg (where the painting is exhibited constantly) hide it in a trash container with some other treasures, security cats (who employing in the museum), etc.
Something about Easter Eggs (not about all, try to find more):
- on the trash container, the original graffiti from the St.Petersburg and the Dogma48 sign;
- every cat is painted like a real my friend's cats. You can find my one on card box right from the main cat;
- the main cat wear typical security's blue sweater;
- the cardboard box under the container - Carlsberg beer - because of Dogma48 took place in Copenhagen;
- the marble head into the container have the same type of makeup which was made by students at the end of the school year of the Art school I studied;
- typical yellow St. Petersburg wall (unfortunately I have no time to add some graffiti)
- a small copy of Kuindzhi painting on the back of the container and Red House by Malevich from Angleterre hotel.