While on holidays and following my wife while she shopped, I saw this little guy. No idea why I thought he would look better painted up, but I loved the mood of the model. Just sitting there, thinking, and probably struggling with the heat. Same situation I was in at the moment, but I did not have a fan!

It is a pretty rough little ceramic model, but a complete joy to paint up! I really tried to get a smooth finish on the skin where possible, while giving some texture on the cloth. Was another attempt on my side for some wet blending to get the finish there. Based with an airbrush, but the rest was done with a normal brush.

Have to thank Roman over at Massive Voodoo on this one, as he was constantly talking about looking around for new opportunities to paint or to get inspiration from. This was one of those situations, and I tried to apply the techniques from his class on it.

Hope you like!