Hi all,
here i am finally with the boxart for this amazing incredible bust by KIMERA MODELS.
I can easily say that painting this figure was one of the most hardcore experience of my life, is at the same a super tough painting in terms of technical issue, and a free canvas to explore interpretation.
For me the key was to achieve something far from my usual style... no darkness, no badass, no creepy... this time i had to catch the brightness, peacefully power of a flower.
At the end i am very happy of how she turn out. But i have to say that this sculpt and concept is so fantastic, that i can't make a wrong thing with her.

i have to thank all the kimera staff for this, but mostly i want to thank Luca Marchetti, the way he force me to make better in every brushstrokes, the way he gave me at same times compliments and strong criticism, make me the idea that i can always be better, and there's no wall you can't broke in front of you. THANK YOU!

hope you like her!

you can find Dhalya, the fairy here: https://kimeramodels.com/product/dhalya-the-fairy/