Rollo Duke of Normandy 912

Just completed this from FeR, it’s sold as 1/12 but its a big bust for 1/12, probably closer to 1/10 but the size may be to get across the legendary size of this Viking Jarl. Depicted in 912 when he became the the first ‘unofficial’ Duke of Normandy. All in acrylics and out of the box apart from the scratch built cross and Thor’s hammer amulets. He converted to Christianity on his appointment but like all Vikings who converted probably edged his bets with the old gods too, hence wearing both a cross and hammer. Pure conjecture, but then again the whole bust is as no record of his appearance apart from his size really exists. Lovely piece to paint, I have used some of the texturing effects I picked up at Krill's workshop in March on him, BTW Julys TIHA should have coverage of the workshop in it.

Base from Richard at Oakwood nameplate from Name it.