• Nick MulliganPLUS

    Beautifully painted, mate!

  • Denniz Hedin Salo

    Awsome, love the athmosphere!

  • Jakob VillienPLUS

    Beautiful, dude! You are on fire these days. Som R&R and returning with a vengeance. I really liked your style, and always have, but you are really taking huge leaps into known and unknown territories

  • Josh_Underhill

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  • Josh_Underhill

    That blue is perfect… Brilliant painting.

  • Alex ✍PLUS

    Great piece! Love the color concept ❤️

  • BranPLUS

    Great piece, beautiful paint job!

  • Darren_HanPLUS

    love your color!

  • Robert KarlssonPLUS

    Really nice Trent!