To Challenge the World

On a frigid wind swept vista
With nothing but the fires of rage for warmth
An oath is bellowed

A chill fell over those nearby
Toil stopped, they sunk into the shadows
It is wise to fear the man who seeks death
  • Blast Model


    • Kyle MaitlandPLUS

      Glad you like it, heck of a beast to paint for sure. (no pun intended)

  • Clive Jackson

    Love all the different versions of this (It is still sitting in my ‘to do box’! Gold!

    • Kyle MaitlandPLUS

      Thank you,. It is a pretty wondrous sculpt.  It doesn’t look much like my initial plan, but that just made the experience much more fun.

  • Andrey Miroshnichenko

    Great job, like it! Gold!

  • BranPLUS

    A difficult subject to paint, that I bought and not yet dared to approach ... You come out a lot well, congratulations for this difficult exercise.

    • Kyle MaitlandPLUS

      Thank you very much for your kind words, and taking the time to write them.  Yeah this model was definitely challenging, but by the end I was a bit sad to ‘finish it’.

  • SergeyPopovichenkoPLUS

    Gold for you in response to the bronze you awarded me ;)

    • Kyle MaitlandPLUS

      Hah!  I hope you don’t interpret it as a slight, as that is not my intent.  My work certainly isn’t gold standard by any metric I’d measure myself with.  The rating system here is… Difficult to quantify shall we say?  Everything here is just so damned fantastic.

  • "SCV Park" Yeong Min

    Very good~!! Gold~!