First time painting a transparent part of the mini! Was a learning experience blending the glazes to get a shimmering bird spell effect. And a separate note for next time - don't let the wash pool too much, the dark puddle will dry shiny.

Damy opened her eyes to see a rather eclectic group of adventurers staring at her. "Hi!" exclaimed the tiefling in gleaming plate armour. "Are you feeling OK? We found you unconscious." She waved to the rest of the party - a grumpy half orc, a wood elf trying to slouch away into the shadows, and a silver dragonborn curiously looking in Damy's direction. "Where-?" Damy started to ask, but as she looked around, the cave still looked exactly the same, but these adventurers were dressed... strangely. As if from a different time.⁣

Nephy helped her to her feet, and handed her a waterskin. "Welcome to the Justice Rangers," smiled the tiefling. "JEENA and the Justice Rangers☝" the wood elf piped up, much to the half orc's visible chagrin.⁣