Tried something new in drawing on planks and splattering the shield with blood - the latter was done by loading a bristly old toothbrush with paint and flicking it off by running my thumb lightly over the top.

"This had better work," Jeena the bardbarian muttered, as she stowed her instrument. She'd learnt this bardic magic far too long ago, and of course she'd need to change the spell... the air began to shimmer into a Tiny Hut before their eyes. Ushering their rescued civilians inside, the sorcerer Perra placed sticky webbing inside for handholds, and stepped back outside. "I really hope you're right about this, otherwise those werewolves will be upon us any minute," she spoke.⁣

Together, Jeena and Perra set about slowly pushing the magical hemisphere to the edge of the rocky outcropping they stood atop. The only other way down was a narrow mountain path, and there would have been no way they could outrun the werewolves, especially with townsfolk in tow. "We'll meet you down there," Jeena nodded to Perra, and stepped inside the Hut. Perra gave one final grunt of strength, and tipped the Hut over the edge, watching it spin and bounce down, and hoping her webs were enough to anchor the passengers in place.⁣