First ever fully transparent mini! Had an adventure priming - lots of masking tape was used before I realised that brush-on primer existed - and doing the transition on the clear areas. Note to self for future jobs - "prime" the clear material with gloss varnish first.

Akazune Ko'Cho was crown prince and only heir of the Crimson Blade Shogunate. Son of the fourth generation Shogun Akazune Teichizo. As a child, Ko'Cho would be brought along as his father and grandfather led many conquests together. He was no stranger to war and its hardships, but he disagreed with the bloodthirsty ways of his elders. Exiling himself, he sought to build a new name for the Crimson Blade, a reputable name that would embolden his people. Donning the the signature crimson armour of his bloodline, he thus began his journey.⁣